Ask the House Finance Committee to pass the LEEP Act

Great news! We're one step closer to growing energy efficiency jobs in West Virginia. On Tuesday, the House Energy Committee approved HB 2534, the Local Energy Efficiency Partnership (LEEP) Act.
This week, please email Finance committee members and ask them to approve the bill and send it to the full House for a vote. Below is a link to a pre-written email for you to reach out today. We urge you to edit the email and include your own experiences with energy efficiency, including why you believe energy efficiency is good for West Virginia's economy.

Click here to email all 25 members of the House Finance Committee

The LEEP Act is the most important energy efficiency bill in the state legislature. LEEP is a funding mechanism that empowers commercial building owners to make their buildings more efficient and pay for the upgrades on their tax ticket. The upgrades are funded by privately held bonds or other financing backed by the energy savings, so no county or state revenue is involved.

Please contact members of the House Energy Committee now and urge them to support HB 2534.

Want to reach out to specific delegates and craft your own message? Click here for email addresses for the House Finance Committee. The page will be updated with phone numbers.

Thank you for supporting energy efficiency in WV!

FirstEnergy Corp. ends bid to sell Pleasants plant

In a notice filed Monday with the Public Service Commission of West Virginia, FirstEnergy Corp. stated that it will stop fighting to transfer ownership of the Pleasants power plant to Monongahela Power and Potomac Edison, FirstEnergy’s West Virginia utilities. This ends a hotly contested case where numerous groups and customers lined up in opposition to the deal.

For more than a year, Ohio-based FirstEnergy has been trying to transfer the Pleasants plant near Parkersburg, owned by FirstEnergy’s unregulated subsidiary Allegheny Energy Supply, to Mon Power and Potomac Edison. FirstEnergy pursued the transfer even though its West Virginia subsidiaries – which are regulated – did not need the plant to meet the needs of customers.

If this scheme had succeeded, Mon Power and Potomac Edison customers would have assumed all of the plant’s costs and financial risks, while FirstEnergy and its shareholders would receive a guaranteed revenue stream.


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Jennifer Wilkerson moved to West Virginia to start a handicapped-accessible permaculture homestead. With the responsibility of raising twin six-year-old girls and a son in a power chair with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Jennifer knew she had to make the best choices about where to spend her money on the new house.

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Appalachian Voices Energy Savings Action Center

Check out the Energy Savings Action Centerby Appalachian Voices -- an online tool promoting home energy efficiency, including information about utility programs, businesses that provide energy efficiency services, and tips for simple home energy improvements.

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Residential Energy Efficiency: Tips for Saving Energy in Your Home

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