New Non-Profit Energy Saving Program

Win-Win-Win: Help WV Non-profits save energy, save energy yourself, and help the local economy!

Energy Efficient West Virginia is excited to announce a new program that will help non-profits in the state, and help AEP customers save energy!
There are many things that regular West Virginians can do to save energy. The best first step for AEP customers is to get a free "HomeSMART energy assessment" to learn of top priority changes that need to be made. After receiving the report, you know what changes should be made soon, which can wait, and which may not be cost-effective.
In order to encourage greater participation in Appalachian Power’s HomeSMART Energy Assessment program and to help non-profit organizations start to save on their own energy bills, AEP is having a contest and rewards program. Every non-profit “wins” something, as long as they sign some people up but there is a competition component to the program too.
Specifically, non-profits will get a chance to win a $10,000 energy efficiency upgrade to their building, but will at least get $10 worth of energy efficiency improvements for every home that gets a home energy assessment.
Over the last several months Energy Efficient West Virginia, WV Interfaith Power & Light, and Appalachian Power CO have identified non-profits from around the AEP’s service area! So far we have 8 signed up ready to receive credits!

What YOU can do:

  1. Sign up for the home energy assessment and specify which non-profit you want the credit to go to using the codes provided below:

Non-profit Organization

Tracking Code

YMCA of Kanawha Valley


Cabell- Huntington Coalition for the Homeless


Huntington-West Virginia Area Habitat for Humanity


Catholic Charities West Virginia


Young Women’s Christian Association of Wheeling


Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition


B’nai Sholom


New River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship


Riverlawn Presbyterian



Go to or call 855-231-5277  to get signed up today!
  1. Sign EEWV’s “Energy Saving Pledge”!

EEWV has created a pledge to save energy, which will entitle certain folks to discounts on energy efficiency upgrades, as well as timely information about energy saving opportunities.

Sign up by clicking here!