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EEWV Hires Xavier Walter as Director of Outreach and Development

November 22, 2016


(Charleston, WV) Energy Efficient West Virginia (EEWV) announces the hiring of Xavier S. Walter as its Outreach and Development Director. Xavier’s focus will be to support and empower the businesses that provide energy efficiency services in the state. West Virginia’s energy efficiency businesses deserve a fair shake and competition in the energy market, which will result in lower costs for ratepayers in West Virginia. One obstacle to a fair and free market is the proposed sale of Pleasants Power Station to Mon Power. The sale, from a sister company in Ohio, would only benefit the Ohio-based FirstEnergy and would increase costs for West Virginia ratepayers. West Virginia is currently ranked 44th in the Country on the Energy Efficiency Scorecard, and boasts enormous potential for job creation and energy cost reduction. Through energy efficiency programs modeled on successful efficiency programs around the country, West Virginians will save money on their energy bill, create jobs, and meet energy needs for cheaper than through generation. Saving utility dollars can directly translate to job growth, and overall community benefit.
Xavier brings over ten years of experience in the energy efficiency industry through facilitation, training, and communication. Xavier is a veteran of the US Navy and learned first-hand the value of Energy Efficiency after participating in a low-income weatherization program to weatherize residential homes. From there he built his career showing customers the financial and inherent value of becoming more energy efficient. Having conducted thousands of energy audits and retrofits of all types, Xavier has a track record of saving energy costs, for both residential and commercial buildings. The New Jersey Clean Energy Program has some of the most aggressive programs in the country and Xavier began working on the ground floor of the program. Xavier actively participated on technical committees, as an advocate at the Board of Public Utilities – New Jersey’s equivalent of the West Virginia Public Service Commission – and by crafting and executing contractor educational programs. Xavier has trained and tested hundreds of candidates from Florida to New York about energy efficiency. He predominately utilizes standards set forth by The Building Performance Institute and Residential Energy Services Network which lead the nation in proper procedures, priorities, and techniques when addressing Energy Efficiency concerns both residentially and commercially. By actively coordinating partnerships between stakeholders, utilities, and government entities, Xavier has been instrumental in facilitating significant growth of energy efficiency programs in New Jersey.
EEWV looks forward to utilizing Xavier’s strong background, unique skillset, and experience in communicating needs to promote a brighter future for energy efficiency in West Virginia.