State    Description Link to statute or order 
 Wisconsin     Pilot decoupling mechanism approved in 2008 for Wisconsin Public ServiceCommission order in case 6690-UR-119
 Washington Commission order in 2010 stating that they will consider a full decoupling request in the context of a general rate case and providing guidance for companies in submitting requests Commission order in case U-100522
 Vermont     Commission order for partial decoupling of Green Mountain Power.  Partial decoupling of Central Vermont Public Service approved in 2008.  Note that efficiency programs in VT are administered by independent third-party, not utilities. Commission order in case 7176.
 Rhode Island     Full decoupling for electric distribution utilities with more than 100,000 customers required by statute (§39-1-27.7.1) §39-1-27.7.1
 Oregon     Commission order (2009) granting approval for 2-year pilot decoupling mechanism for residential and small commercial customer classes for Portland General Electric Commission order in case UE 197
 Ohio Commission order (2011) establishing 3-year pilot decoupling mechanism for residential and small commercial customer classes for AEP Ohio (note that this case is still open). Commission order in case 11-0352
 New York Commission order (2007) requiring electric utilities to propose a decoupling mechanism in their next rate case filing Commission order in case 03-E-0640
 Michigan Commission order granting approval for pilot revenue-per-customer decoupling for Consumers Energy in 2009 (pilot for Detroit Edison approved in 2010) Commission order in Case U-15645
 Massachusetts Commission order (2008) requiring electric distribution companies to file full decoupling proposals with their next general rate cases.  As of 2010, a decoupling plan has been approved for National Grid. Commission order in case 07-50
 Maryland Commission order approving decoupling mechanism for PEPCO.  Decoupling also approved for Delmarva and Baltimore Gas & Electric (for residential and small commercial customer classes). Commission order number 81517 in case 9092
 Kansas     Commission order that they will consider decoupling proposals made in connection with energy efficiency programs.  No applications to date. Commission order in case 08-GIMX-441-GIV
 Idaho     Commission order (2010) extending pilot decoupling program for Idaho Power for 2 more years. Commission order in case IPC-E-09-28
 Hawai'i     Commission order approving decoupling for Hawai'i Electric Company Commission order in case 2008-0274
 District of Columbia Commission order approving decoupling ("bill stabilization adjustment") for PEPCO Commission order in Case FC1053
 Connecticut Statute requiring the Department of Public Utility Control to order decoupling for each electric company in their next rate case. Public Act 07-242, Section 107
 California Decoupling approved for all major investor-owned utilities - see p. 2 of California Public Utility Commission's energy efficiency strategic plan. Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan
This table based on information in Regulatory Assistance Project summaries of energy efficiency policy by region (West, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northeast).

Additional resources on decoupling available through Regulatory Assistance Project here.