Electric rates have risen dramatically in West Virginia in the past several years. One of the major reasons we are pushing for stronger efficiency programs is to help residents and small businesses lower their bills – and to reduce the need to build expensive new power plants that will raise rates even more.

Because our electric utilities could play a central role in improving energy efficiency in West Virginia, much of our work is focused around advocacy at the Public Service Commission. We have found that the Public Service Commission's regulatory process is a mystery to most people – how it operates, what they do, why it is important, and how citizens can get involved. And yet public pressure is necessary to make sure our power companies are actually making investment decisions that are in the public interest.  One of our goals is to empower more people to get involved in advancing their interests through the Public Service Commission.

This page is a work in progress, but we aim to provide resources to help you understand why rates are increasing in West Virginia, how the Public Service Commission works, why energy efficiency is important, and what we support.